Thursday, November 15, 2012


I know there are a ton of teachers out there, myself included that wonders what exactly is the best way to use technology in the classroom.  I love technology and I could use it all day, but how can I use it to help my students master common core? 
I have found that sometimes no matter how hard it is for teachers to admit sometimes kids learn the most when we facilitate instead of doing so much talking.   I had a class that needed a lot from me last year so I tended to talk more.   Wrong thing to do. .. it didn't mean anything to them.   So I decided to have them take the reins and let them be a leader of their own learning... guess what I figured out. .. ready for this. .. they did better than they had ever done before!   I gave them an objective, a rubric, and some written directions for the websites and passwords... really that's all.   I then let them go for a week and I facilitated.   I know it was had for me too!   You know what my results were though. .. my students who never wrote anything had pages and pages of notes for this project, my gifted and talented students had created final products I never could have assigned, and my in betweens strived for personal success.   If you still don't believe it I gave an assessment after a weekend and I had 23 out of 24 with 100% ♥.  Success! !! 
I know it takes a while to implement and it can be tough to handle, but you will be amazed!  
What's your favorite technology to use??  I would love to hear from your experiences!   Link up and share!
~ Dana

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