Saturday, November 10, 2012


Behavior management heaven is what I call "Class Dojo" in my classroom.  I have used it for a little over a year and am in love!  It is a great motivator and extremely teacher friendly!  I have compiled a list of how I use Dojo...and I would love to add to the list.  Have you used it please share!!

  • -Focus on class management (academic and behavior) 
  • -Helps keep students accountable
  • -Gives immediate feedback
  • -Parent communication
  • -Tracks information (days, weeks, months)
  • -Can be used many different ways

  • Debates
  • Group work evaluations
  • Behavior plan
  • Assigning task +1 by the students who are finished completing something
  • Checklist for completed assignment
  • Each point stands for a part of the writing process
  • Complete and incomplete homework
  • Dojo competitions among classes or grade levels


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