Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Down to 2 days!

Not that I'm counting...yeah right!  We have 2 days left until "School's Out for Summer"!!  I think they should play that song over the intercom on Friday!  lol

Anyway a few closing things that are on my to do list...

1.  Fondue party for reward
2.  Memory book - I created a Taxedo hand with all of my students names, then I copied it for them to use as the front cover of their memory book.
3.  Top 10 list (top 10 things that happened in 4th grade)
One of my students actually put "I got the teacher I wanted and she was just as good as I thought she would be"  (my first thought was awe she wanted second thought was I'm glad I was as good as she thought I was!!  Kids say the darnedest things!)
4.  Recipe for a good Leader
5.  Goal setting for summer

We are implementing the Leader in Me at school next year so I'm looking for ideas!  What works for you?