Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just what I NeEdEd!!

I couldn't believe it!  I was going through my RSS feeder and reading different post when I came across a blog called "I Teach. What's your superpower".  I loved the name so I cruised around her blog for a bit.  Little did I know I would find JUST WHAT I NEEDED here!  You all know I'm new to the blogging world and all the ins and outs of it are quite confusing to me!  In this blog I found all the answers!  "I Teach. What's your superpower" has a page called "Blog Baby Blog" and here is the best part...she has broken down all the ways to change, add, create your blog.  I have added quite a few things with success because it is so easy to understand and follow.  If you or your blog is in need of a little TLC head on over and check out her post!  Click her button below!

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