Sunday, October 14, 2012

Have you ever used GlOgStEr

I am a huge fan of Glogster EDU!  I have used it in every subject in my classroom.  It works great at the beginning of the year to have students create a glog to introduce themselves, to glog about a book, to glog about problem solving, and/or to glog about historical events or science experiments   It is a truly authentic way to assess what students know and understand.  In my Teachers Pay Teachers store I have just recently posted a checklist and rubric that students use in conjunction with glogster in my classroom. Above all else it is already aligned to Common Core ELA.   I am new at selling, so if you would head over and check it out I would really appreciate it! Just click below! Please let me know what you think!!  :)

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  1. Hi there!
    I've never heard of but I will certainly be checking it out! I'm always looking for ways to get kids talking about books - and this sounds like a wonderful option!

    By the way, I have "boo'd" you! Stop by my blog and see the post - then "boo" someone else :)


  2. Jessica~
    You are in for such a wonderful surprise!! Glogster EDU is basically an online interactive poster program where students and teachers can create practically any display. I have created glogs to teach from, as intros at open house, and student use. AMAZING! You can even print the final product if you don't mind using ink...they look awesome printed as well! If you give it a shot please let me know what you think! :)

    Thanks for the "boo'd you" I will take a look and see who I can boo!

    Live Learn Teach for Life