Monday, June 10, 2013

Reflecting on the YEAR

Reflecting on the year I created my top 10 Must Do's

1.  Leader in Me
2.  Data Notebooks
3.  Catching a Habit
4.  Kids create their own spelling list
5.  Newsletter
6.  Everyday Math
7.  Homework Checkers
8.  Clip-Chart
9.  Agenda
10. Math Game Friday

Top 10 Must do (that I haven't done yet)                                                   

  1. Google Forms to grade 
  2. 2 sticks with a name on each for recognition (Choose 2 student sticks a day and spend time focusing on those two students (compliment, ask them to help, contact their family, send a note, give a sticker, clip them up the chart) without them knowing.  If this worked I would recognize and talk with 10 students a week, 20 in 2 weeks, and 30 contacts in 3 weeks.  This would be nice to know that I had contacted more than all of my class in three weeks time.  
  3. Edmodo - Create small groups for reading class assignment, assign a google form test, assign a CIITS test
  4. Key ring of website usernames and passwords
  5. Begin Extended Response early
  6. Student Led Conferences

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